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Bolt 360° Personal Trainer for Bracknell & Wokingham Excellence In Exercise And Therapy

What Do We Offer. View of Studio from Wattbike

At Bolt 360 we really focus on results,  whether it be

Fat loss
Weight loss
Muscle tone
Core strength and stability,
Improved body composition
Body Definition
Sports specific training
Beginners running

The equipment in the PT Studio is functional and effective.
The list of equipment starts with a Commercial Treadmill , Watt bike, Tornado balls,  Medicine balls,  Power bags, Kettle bells, Battle rope, TRX Suspension trainer, Step board, Bosu ball, Cable station with various power cables, Stability ball and a Versa climber.

Most people are aware of Personal Training, however Functional Training is still Personal Training but focuses on area's like core stability /strength, agility and co-ordination, these are all skills that make life much easier and more 'Functional', helping with everyday chores and employment.

Body composition
Scales and skin fold calipers are used to ascertain your current condition,  these tests are taken monthly to ensure you are going in the right direction and results are being achieved.

On the first floor of Bolt360 is 'Sportshealer' This is a therapy unit in its own right working side by side within Bolt360, with the aim of offering therapy treatments which are occasional required by clients of Bolt360 to iron out any painful niggles which may crop up from time to time.
This keeps you pain free and able to carry on your training without being injured and sacrificing all of your hard work and resulted gains.
Therapies offered are....

ACUPUNCTURE : Targets areas of tension and pain [Trigger Points]
MYOFASCIAL RELEASE/ROLFING: Deep tissue work using specialist wax to release tight fascia [Connective Tissue]
SPINAL AND PELVIC MANIPULATION: Realignment of the bones/joints to help with functionality and posture
KINESIO TAPING: Great for continuing the work of Myofascial release/Rolfing, relieving pain long after the treatment session
SPORTS MASSAGE: Massage using oil, good for flushing out waste products within the circulatory system and general relaxing of muscles

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