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Bolt 360° Personal Trainer for Bracknell & Wokingham Excellence In Exercise And Therapy

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All of the equipment used by clients is clinically cleaned before and after use, ensuring your health at all times

Situated within the Berkshire countryside lies a Secluded, Peaceful, Professional and very Private Facility

Functional Training and Personal Training Facility situated at Moss End Garden Centre, Warfield, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG42 6EJ

Would you like to look better, feel better and have more confidence?
At bolt 360 Personal Training Bracknell, you can train in complete privacy and attain all of the above benefits leading you to be confident enough to train outside.

Not only is Personal Training supplied but also Functional Training for Wokingham/ Bracknell, Crowthorne as well Sports massage for surrounding area's.
Bolt360 Personal Training / Functional Training also supplies Therapies ranging from Acupuncture to Sports Massage to help with tension and pain created by your employment and lifestyle, please see 'What do we offer page' for more info.

"I've been suffering with back pain for the last 6 months. Steve has really helped in my recovery and advising on how I can try to avoid future occurrences by strengthening my back.
Would recommend anyone suffering with back pain to see Steve 👍"
Mrs SJ

Personal training 'bolt360' Bracknell really focuses on the individual clients requirements and aims to build a strong and stable core into the program
Power bag work, Tornado balls and lots of bodyweight exercises including suspension training all programmed into your workouts to get you to your goals.
Functional training is dictated by your lifestyle and how to make your everyday activities, Sports, Employment and any activity specific to you a lot easier, as a functional Trainer I will develop a program to make your everyday life better and stronger.

With the studio being based in Warfield, it is perfectly based for those seeking Personal training / Functional training within the Bracknell area and surrounding area's such as Wokingham and Maidenhead.

My speciality area is Core strength and Stability and being a personal trainer in Bracknell, has allowed me to provide these key area's of fitness, in and around Bracknell for many years.

With full information given on your diet, you will begin to look and feel much healthier.
Comprehensive training sessions targeting all of the body and with full support/encouragement from the coach will give you the desired goals you are looking for.

Bolt 360 Personal Training 
360 Support/Advice/Care
360 Weight Loss/Fat Loss/Fitness improvements

This is NOT a facility where individuals are 'beasted' and pushed past their limits, if you want this kind of service then please look elsewhere, you WILL however be assessed at your present fitness levels, then over time and with ever changing and challenging programs which are achievable, begin to adapt to improved fitness, body transformation and feel so much more confident and happier.

EVERY client is unique with a unique lifestyle / circumstances and genetics , I will work with you to help you attain the very best results.

From YOU to NEW


I have trained and helped many clients with personal training within and around the Bracknell, Crowthorne and Wokingham areas, however no amount of training is going to be singularly effective in achieving your goals,  nutrition is key to improved weight /fat loss and effective training improvements.

Food diaries are given out at the start of your training and once filled in are handed back and advice given to subtlety change your bad dietary habits to good ones.

However at bolt 360 we don't believe you need to live and eat like a elite athlete to change your life, all advice is given with the focus on sustainability,  change your life for good, not just a short term quick fix which is unsustainable and unrealistic.

All equipment is cleaned down with anti bacterial cleanser between clients to ensure your health at all times

Sports Massage and Treatments


Bolt360 also includes 'Sportshealer' on the first floor, this is the other arm of Bolt360 and is the therapeutic side which has had phenomenal results in rectifying clients painful and dysfunctional issues, both sides of the business are sometimes used to create a perfect harmony of physical fitness and a pain free lifestyle.

Areas covered by the mobile sports massage / treatments are Crowthorne, Bracknell, Wokingham, Ascot and many others.
Sports massage is sometimes required by clients of bolt360 and this is provided in the treatment room [Sportshealer] as well as mobile, delivering sports massage to clients in Crowthorne, Windsor and Maidenhead.

Sports Massage
Spinal and Pelvic Manipulation
Myofascial Release/Rolfing
Kinesio Taping

Please see 'What Do We Offer' for more details

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